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Air Force One Braking System

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• Integrated
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• Transferrable

Air Force One is the only air brake system that energizes the towed vehicle's power brakes through a patented process that does not require an electronic vacuum pump. In fact, Air Force One has no moving parts to wear out at all. Air Force One is also the industry's first and only supplemental brake system that protects the coach with a patented breakaway system that seals the coach's air supply in the event of a separation of the coach and the towed vehicle.

Chassis Manufactures agree that the Air Force One is the safest and most secure way of using coach air for supplemental braking. Air Force One is the only system that "does it right" meaning chassis manufacturers will not void any part of your chassis brake warranty.* Air Force One includes components to not only protect the coach brakes in the event of a breakaway, but also to segregate the towed vehicle brake system. This makes our Air Force One the only choice for all chassis manufactures.

Air Force One meets all chassis warranty requirements.

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