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Delta Force Braking System

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Rugged Enclosure

The outer case of Delta Force is just as durable as it looks. Made of laser-cut, powder-coated aluminum in the USA. Adjustable feet allow for up to a 2" irregularity in the floorboard on any corner.

Wireless CoachLink

Have the confidence of always knowing what Delta Force is doing. CoachLink™ wireless monitors connectivity, voltage levels, braking effort, intelligent fault codes, and the breakaway circuit. Made in the USA

Ball-and-Socket Actuator

Easy to store, easy to use. Combined with the Set-it-Once Pedal Clamp™ and tether system, Delta Force has the unmistakable edge in usability. Made in the USA.

Set-it-Once Pedal Clamp™

If it's not an SMI, then it is not Set-it-Once. No springs, no wrestling, no pushing, no pulling. So easy to use it almost unfathomable. Made in the USA.

Dual-Signal Braking Profile

The only portable system to offer dual-signal braking. Delta Force will operate as a fully-proportional, inertia-based system; but, with optional addition (parts included) of the brake light signal from the coach Delta is automatically transformed to a level no portable system before has been to.

Proprietary Fail-Safe Valving

Requiring power to vent the actuator is asking for problems. We designed our own proprietary valve body that is 100% failsafe requiring power to hold the activation air in. This long awaited enhancement allows Delta Force to be in an exhaust state even with the power completely disconnected, making it the most reliable, fail-safe system on the market. Made in the USA.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Our dealers and self-installers have been instrumental in helping us design and refine the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Each Delta Force system comes complete so you do not need to purchase anything for the installation. We also offer 24/7 technical support from real live technicians not just an answering service.

Things that are different are not the same.

Delta Force offers the latest in portable-braking technology. Revolutionary design and operation make Delta Force the Top-Tier portable system.

Inside and out, Delta Force offers real innovation and usable improvements that have raised the bar. When seen side-by-side, it becomes even easier to see the Delta Force is the portable-braking solution.

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