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Tow Dolly Sentry Deflector

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There's a world of difference between the comfort behind the steering wheel of your motor home and the raw elements behind your rear bumper. Elements like loose gravel, road tar and other road debris get hurled at high velocity toward your towed vehicle.

The Sentry tow dolly deflector is constructed of resilient, high density polyethylene and is attached to tongue of the Demco tow dolly.

*All options may not mount on tow dolly simultaneously.

RD20015 - Sentry Deflector Tow Dolly Operators Manual


  • Unique position and 30_ angle deflect debris down and away from your vehicle. Messy cleanup and costly paint chip repair are minimized.
  • High density polyethylene retains its shape and takes destructive abuse.
  • Lightweight, but strong, the Sentry deflector is durable, yet pliable and flexible.
  • Easy to install or remove, it assembles from three parts that lock together (no tools required).
  • Fringed bottom edge allows more flexibility - minimizes damage to deflector caused by curbs and extreme dips and bumps.